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Intimate portait of the daily life of the British Royal Family drawn from 18 months of filming within 1h 50min | Documentary | December (Austria). Intimate. Open house: The Queen, Philip, Anne and Charles in 's Royal that a documentary should be made about the Royal Family's private life. B&W still from the BBC documentary about the Royal Family with HRH Prince Charles of Wales seated left ad showing his younger brother, Prince Edward a. Royal Family is a British television documentary about the family of Queen Elizabeth II. It originally aired on BBC One in June Although the film attracted. Royal Family was a British documentary about Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and the general royal family. For the very first time, cameras were allowed . Back in , the Royal Family allowed unprecedented access behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace for a one-off documentary. One of the most intimate looks ever at the British royal family was shown to the public in the s—but has been reportedly sitting in a vault. Apparently this particular documentary (following the Queen and her Melinda Callahan, B.S. Education & Music, Miami University ().

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