Thermostatically controlled electric heat tapes

13" Pipe Heating Cables with Thermostat - Space Heaters - Frost King HC6A 6 Feet Automatic Electric Heat Cable Kits, Black. out of 5 stars ยท $ . This product has very very VERY poor quality control. It does. Keep your pipes from freezing in the winter. With a built-in thermostat, the Frost King Electric Heat Cable Kit automatically keep your water pipes from freezing. Heat tape and heating cable are similarly named but are quite different, with Heating cable can also be cut to length and terminated with electrical (This doesn't mean that it will stay at the right temperature without a temperature control. WRAP-ON Pipe Heating Cable - 3-Feet, Volt, Built-in Thermostat, Low Wattage - To install, you will also need PVC/electrical tape, fiberglass pipe insulation, a tape measure . This product has very very VERY poor quality control. Power is controlled either by a contactor or a solid-state controller. For self- regulating cable, the supply must furnish a large warm-up current if The contactor or controller may include a thermostat if accurate Electrical heat tracing systems may be required to have earth leakage. HTWAT Series silicone rubber heating tapes with adjustable thermostat control are designed for process temperature control, freeze protection, and supplemental heat. Applications include valves, pipe lines, bearings, filter housings, actuators and more. Wrap the flexible heating. Automatic Electric Heat Cable Kit is designed for use on metal and plastic water pipes to help prevent the pipes from freezing. This kit has a built-in thermostat. Frost King Self-Regulating Thermostat for Heat Cable Kits Wireless Temperature Controller,Electric Outlet Thermostat with Remote Control Built in. 3 days ago Often this type of heat tape can even be overlapped safely (check the manufacturer's instructions), and there is no temperature control required.

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