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Module A Basics on Sanitation and Liquid Waste Management. 5 . require sewer/transportation etc are types of on site sanitation systems. Septage in. Know the different types & sources of liquid waste; also how wastewater treatment is implemented by private organizations from Green. You were introduced to the main types of liquid waste in Study Session 1. This study session is the first of three that builds on that introduction and describes. Liquid waste can be subdivided into other waste types based on the nature of the liquid waste and the risks it poses. For example, wastewater. This section identified the types of wastes that would likely be generated during the construction phase and the operation of the STW, and evaluates the potential . management, liquid waste management and contaminated waste management. Describe the major sources and types of Solid Waste. • Demonstrate common. sources of process liquid waste from exploratory drilling operations is described and lethal to 50% of the test species provided with up to 96 hours exposure). There are two main types of liquid radioactive wastes generated by research laboratories. The most common liquid waste is aqueous, in which the waste. WHAT IS LIQUID WASTE? Liquid waste can be defined as such Liquids as wastewater, fats, oils or grease (FOG), used oil, Types of Industrial Wastewater. National liquid waste reporting (implications for biosolids). . Perhaps more significant are the waste types included in each jurisdiction's.

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