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UltraChannel™ is a high-precision channel strip that features customizable routing, two compressors, EQ, pitch shift and delay. Whether mixing or mastering, regardless of genre, UltraChannel is the ultimate . Pro Tools 10 +, AAX Native. That´s bad news, I was thinking to use it through the Fxpansion VST to On the down side, Ultra Channel is the most DSP-hungry plug-in on. UltraChannel Native is the ultimate channel strip with re-orderable gate, compressor, O-Pressor (from Omnipressor), 5-band parametric EQ, Micro Pitch Shift and. Eventide's UltraChannel plug-in gives you a custom signal chain with an arsenal of legendary effects. Download/Boxed: Download; Bit Depth: bit; Format: AAX Native, VST, AU For the $'s I spent I am very happy with this plug in. Q: Where do I get an Access Code for the Eventide UltraChannel plug-in Giveaway? A: Eventide's Native plug-ins do not require the use of an iLok usb dongle, isn't working please make sure you type zeros, rather than "O"s in the form. Waves Scheps O $ Free shipping. Eventide Ultrachannel ultra audio channel strip compressor EQ native plugin. Eventide Ultrachannel ultra $ Angelicals · Cardinals · Chromaphone 2 · Cinematix · Entangled Species · Epicycles · Frontier · Good Folks · Harmonic Geometry · Journeys · KitNetix · Latin . Ultimate Channel StripGet Demo Buy HD Buy Native. Overview; Images; Video; Audio; Reviews; Tips & Tricks; Related. The Ultimate Channel Strip. If you have successfully registered your plugin, your UltraChannel Native license . to de-emphasize the hiss associated with prominent ”S”es on vocal signals.