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EXTERMINATUS - The SOLO initiates guide to survival ***Wiv adDed WAAAGH, [email protected] A Guide for Warhammer 40, Space Marine. Can anyone post their loadouts for Exterminatus that they find really useful? I'm not really sure what to put on my tactical or devastator marines I. Exterminatus is a co-operative "horde" defense mode for up to four players in Warhammer Space Marine. It was released as free DLC on October Bolters Don't use them. Ever. Dont use normal bolers, don't use storm bolters and for the love of god, DONT use heavy bolters on later stages. The Exterminatus Mode DLC has freshly deployed, and with it a wealth of new content and challenge for the multiplayer of Warhammer Space Marine. Is it possible to heal yourself in the Exterminatus mode? Whatever I do, I can't. I try to stun an enemy, but 99,% of the times it either dies. Description: The co-op mode for Warhammer 40, Space Marine - Exterminatus is now free for the PS3 and PC, with the Xbox version to follow live. For Warhammer Space Marine on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Exterminatus Tips and Builds".

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