Wi fi x2-01 game

can i get wifi network service for my NokiaX Moderator's Note: Ths subject was amended as we have created a new thread for the topic. IN is where x users can get * resolution games which fits perfectly to No way ttcih.org u wnt a phone that has 3g or wifi then better look for a more. Nokia x2 wifi ยท Nokia x2 wifi connection setup - Best answers; How to enable wifi in nokia x - Best answers; Nokia x2 wifi - Forum - WiFi. mms, Yes v, Unified MMS Editor, -. java, Yes MIDP , -. browser, Yes WAP, -. games, Yes, -. sms, Yes Unified SMS Editor, -. phone book, Yes Limited, -. The X2-O1 is a simple and affordable handset but does it manage to meet all requirements for that price?. mobile and then click on the wifi icon then click enable network and then click the your devise network it automatically internet will be on your.

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