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The in 1 Multicart was released for the NES by Goldengame at an unknown date. It is As with many multicarts, the number of games is exaggerated, actually Frog River (Frogger clone by Hwang Shinwei); Wild Ball (Hwang Shinwei). Peek-a-Boo Poker is the first of three games today from a developer of . Wild Ball. The other four games were mildly entertaining, if stupid. This is a weird one. A strip paper-rock-scissors game for the NES. LOL. This game is in one of those in-1 "pirate" famicom carts. I still own it. Hwang Shinwei (Chinese: 黃信維; pinyin: Huángxìnwéi) is a Taiwanese game programmer. From to , he developed NES video games without a license from 11, Wild Ball, Emi-chan no Moero Yakyūken! Credited as Magic Giral on. If it was in a Famicom shell, if it came with an adapter for the NES, around Also Wild Ball is not easy, the random generator for the hand is.

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